• WHAT IF…
    I Started a Girls Who Code Robots Club? “We love coding. We hope that other students get the opportunity to learn how to code in elementary school too- especially girls. We need more girls in our computer science field.” I was so happy to hear these ideas from one of the 9 year-old girls from … Read more
  • That One Day We Went to a Competitive Robotics Competition
    It was a cold morning in 2013, when I woke up my eight-year-old son to drive him to his first robotics competition. A super shy boy, he was very quiet for our two-hour ride to Lansdale, PA. We had left by six am to make it to the event and I could see the worried … Read more
  • Parlez-vous français?
    I am always sort of amazed at people’s reactions when they find out that I’m a French teacher.  They often ask…”Do you speak French?” The “sassy French girl” in me wants to say…”Do you ask the math teacher if he or she can add and subtract?  Yes, of course I speak French!!” But as I … Read more
  • “Teaching Design Thinking in Cheltenham”
    At Cheltenham Elementary School in the Cheltenham School District, we are in our second year of having a school makerspace. Last year, the students voted to name it the iLab, and we had a contest to create the logo. As our team of teachers was planning how we would set up and use the iLab, … Read more
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