• MCL in the Elementary Classroom
    MCL may be a new concept to some of you. It is something that Central York School District is invested in to make a difference for our learners. MCL stands for Mass Customized Learning. Reaching every child at his or her learning level is so important. One of many examples of this is children moving … Read more
  • Be a Matchmaker
    This summer has been QUITE exciting. Not only did I get the opportunity to attend the KTI Star Summit; I have also been a successful matchmaker in at least one instance.  The energy I feel from recognizing potential connections between people is so invigorating that I am almost as twitterpated as they are. It’s a … Read more
  • Digital Badge System and Leaderboard with Google Sheets
    Gamification has become a great motivator for students in the classroom and teacher PD. One way to show off accomplishments is by using a digital leaderboard and badging system. You may already have heard about making a badge system with Google Sheets (which is awesome because it's FREE), but this badge system is special for … Read more
  • Coding in the Classroom
    Coding websites and App Development are my passion. So one of the key pieces I use in my classroom to develop these skills with my students in the classroom are DASH coding, Sublime Text Editor and Trello. DASH is a tutorial free web-based program where students can move at their own pace to learn the … Read more
  • Turning Back to Time Made Bigger Connections
    Stacey Peterson discusses how Mass Customized Learning has transformed her classroom. Check out her blog! #kti2019 #ktifamily

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