• Connecting Professional Development with Flipgrid
    The world is moving faster. It doesn’t just feel that way, it is in fact speeding up. Current estimation is that technical knowledge is doubling every two years, but think about this, medical knowledge doubles every 72 days. My mind is blown. We have amazing people all around us who are leading, connecting people and … Read More
  • Grow Your PLN with Voxer
    It was a cold, snowy Saturday in January of 2018 and I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, one of my favorite methods for professional learning and connecting with educators, when I saw something new.  I came across a tweet from MattLarson (@mlarson_nj), asking if anyone wanted to join a Voxer book study he was … Read More
  • KTI: Finding Your Tribe
    Have you ever entered a professional development session through a tunnel of enthusiastic educators, who are cheering you on, give you ALL the high-fives and make you feel like a ROCKSTAR? Yeah, I hadn’t either until my experience at KTI. KTI is like nothing else, and to be honest I was a bit hesitant to … Read More
  • Stretch your Way into Becoming an ISTE Certified Educator
    My Personal Story Get Ready. Set. Stretch your Edtech practice as you breathe deeper into becoming an ISTE Certified Educator! Really!?! As a participant of the ISTE course and currently working through the portfolio component, I can share with you it’s exactly what it sounds like. You perform various Yoga Poses as a kinesthetic approach … Read More
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