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Thank you for your interest in writing a blog post for The PAECT Post! We hope to feature one blog post a week, and we would be happy to feature you!

Our goal is to share your story to connect educators through the PAECT Pillars: Connect, Develop, Advocate, Lead

What can I write about?
– Anything happening in your classroom related to best practices, our pillars (lead, develop, connect, advocate) or
integrating technology.
– Professional development you are leading connecting to classroom practices and technology integration
– Current initiatives in your district

What should I include in the narrative? While you do not need to include any of these components, at least one would add a visual to connect readers better to your content.
– The approximate time frame for project completion
– Relevant handouts
– Student examples
– Photos (with permission)
– Citations related to any direct quotes
– Video footage of students working
– How you assessed student learning
– ISTE Standards for Educators related to the post
– Links to the tools you used

You can view a sample blog post here:
Need help starting a blog? Check out this resource:

Thanks again! When your blog is featured, we will be sure to highlight you on social media!

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